Listen to Me Talk about Iran Deal on Naked Diner Podcast

Listen to Me Talk about Iran Deal on Naked Diner Podcast May 15, 2018

As you might have heard, Trump recently violated the UN resolution enshrining the JCPOA (that is, the Iran deal) into international law and if you have followed this blog before, you’d know I really value this deal and welcomed it enthusiastically when it happened.

Now, I have appeared on an episode of Naked Diner Podcast to talk about the implications of Trump dropping out of the deal. I discuss the economic and political repercussions of this move for Iran and the region, discuss a bit of history behind the deal, and try hard (and almost fail) to find a silver lining.

Check it out! And like always, many thanks to my fellow Patheos bloggers Andrew and Jack for having me on their show.

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