April 2, 2014

Last night I disagreed with Ed Brayton about what atheists are not supposed to say and I also mentioned Dan Fincke’s article about not letting fundamentalists define religion. I want to make something real clear: when it comes to Islam, fundamentalism makes much more sense and it’s much more rational than moderate Islam. Now, I wanted to write a long post about why moderate Islam is an inherently failed project, but I guess I will just say this: moderate Islam… Read more

April 1, 2014

Ed Brayton wrote an article today called Atheists, Please Stop Saying These Things (or maybe it was yesterday in your time) that, like always, is very reasonable and eloquent and I enjoyed reading it. I agree with most of it, but there were some points that I personally disagreed with, and in the name of debate I thought I write this and voice my own thoughts. I suggest you read the article. (more…) Read more

March 28, 2014

If you are a metal fan you’ve already heard the news: David Brockie, the lead singer of the band Gwar, has died. It happened some days ago. I have some thoughts about his passing, and they were not articulated until today – so I share them a bit late. (more…) Read more

March 25, 2014

This is something I had written ages ago for a class assignment. The professor wanted us to write how we view literature. This was my paper. Since we had some discussion after my ranty, angry post two days ago, I thought of sharing it here. I got 19.75/20 in that class. Anyway, this summarizes my views on literature. The references are in the same form that I presented the papers, sorry. Many have talked about the truth of literature- their… Read more

March 22, 2014

  I’ve seen this in many places, especially in those lists about misconceptions about atheism (many of which are not misconceptions as far as I’m concerned). But one that baffles me is this: misconception = atheists hate god. How is that refuted? Well, we think there is no god, so we can’t hate him. Erm, why not? There is no real god. But there is a fictional god. And people can have real emotions towards fictional characters. We love them,… Read more

March 21, 2014

Whew. I was so busy with the New Year stuff that I got to read this wonderful piece from Between a Veil and a Dark Place only today. Well, better late than never. She touches on the fact that ex-Muslims are underrepresented in the atheist community, and that being an ex-Muslim makes you face with many hardships. I agree, it resonates with me deeply. Ex-Muslims feel trapped between many oppositions, and facing many challenges. Marwa does a very great job… Read more

March 20, 2014

So, today is Nowrouz, the Persian New Year, the first day of spring. We get to be on vacation for many days. Personally, I don’t care for this holiday season much. I dislike nationalism as much as religion, and I find Muslims celebrating a holiday which was originally Zoroastrian stupid. I dislike the fact that I will have to see relatives and “friends” whom I have otherwise avoided because of this “tradition”, I dislike the fact that people get all… Read more

March 18, 2014

Analyzing Iranian politics is a hard thing to do. The analysts have tried again and again to predict things the right way, but they have failed. The Iranian people and the regime have manged to take everyone by surprise time and time again. Also, on the part of most western media and readers a complete lack of understanding and simplistic generalizations is seen – many times those simplistic generalizations are perpetrated by Iranians themselves who should know better. In this… Read more

March 16, 2014

People are never as honest as when they lie. Ultimately, people might fail when they try to honestly portray their character. They might be unaware of some aspects of their own personality. But when they lie, they reveal much more important things about themselves. See how they portray themselves in their lies, and that is more important to know their character than its naked reality. People, in their lies, construct not who they are but who they want to be,… Read more

March 15, 2014

I love Bill Maher, I’m a huge fan of his. I especially loved his latest rant against all religions. It’s funny, eloquent, irreverent, and most importantly, true. I loved the last episode overall (14th March episode), as it included a great panel, and great discussions. Andrew Sullivan, the great legend Salman Rushdie, Amy Chua, and Seth McFarlane – it’s a dream panel. Watch the rant below and make sure to watch the episode. http://youtu.be/ld_tg4W7Hf8 Read more

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