Who Loves the Environment More: Pot heads or the Tea Party?

Who Loves the Environment More: Pot heads or the Tea Party? June 13, 2016

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The answer might surprise you.

Reality is quite different from the stereotypes created and perpetuated by the mainstream media.

When Hollywood depicts stoners, it typically casts them as noble hippies transplanted straight out of Woodstock – peaceniks, environmentalists, and all around chill people opposed to war and big business and pollution.

As for the Tea Party, the left never misses out on an opportunity to make them seem hateful and full of spite – especially towards anything the left normally values.

But facts are stubborn things and reality tells the true story.  And when it comes to protecting our environment, it seems that many on the left may be all talk, while conservatives may be the ones who are actually acting to ensure we respect God’s beautiful creation.

Recently in Golden Gate Park, 4/20 pot event attendees left behind 15,000 pounds of trash. This was actually BETTER than last year, when they left behind more than 17,000 pounds of trash.So much for protecting Mother Earth and communing with nature!

But in stark contrast, the Tea Party is known for leaving an event space cleaner than when they came.

In USA Today, Glenn Reynolds recalls of the Tea Party:

One of the most famous things about the Tea Partiers was that — as befits a relentlessly bourgeois protest movement — they left things cleaner than they found them. Rich Lowry reported from Washington, DC: “Just as stunning as the tableaux of the massive throngs lining the reflecting pool were the images of the spotless grounds afterward. If someone had told attendees they were expected to mow the grass before they left, surely some of them would have hitched flatbed trailers to their vehicles for the trip to Washington and gladly brought mowers along with them. This was the revolt of the bourgeois, of the responsible, of the orderly, of people profoundly at peace with the traditional mores of American society. The spark that lit the tea-party movement was the rant by CNBC commentator Rick Santelli, who inveighed in early 2009 against an Obama-administration program to subsidize ‘the losers’ mortgages.’ He was speaking for people who hadn’t borrowed beyond their means or tried to get rich quick by flipping houses, for the people who, in their thrift and enterprise, ‘carry the water instead of drink the water.’ The tea party’s detractors want to paint it as radical, when at bottom it represents the self-reliant, industrious heart of American life.”

In San Francisco, too, tea party protesters met pro-Obama activists and picked up their trash. “John,” author of The City Square blog wrote: “As Obama supporters moved along in the line to get into the fundraiser, they left behind an impressive amount of trash … Tea Partiers shouted ‘pick up your garbage’ and ‘this is San Francisco, what about recycling?’ There was no response. They chanted ‘Obama leaves a mess.’ Still no response. Eventually, a tea partier (wearing the black cowboy hat) crosses over and starts to pick up the trash on his own. Other tea partiers join him. Another manages to find a trash bag. Soon the trash is being collected.”

At least in San Francisco, the Tea Party protestors are around to clean up the pollution of Obama supporters. It seems one side of the political spectrum actually acts to stop problems, while others simply complain about it while making it worse.

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