May 12, 2023

It would be unfair and perhaps unethical, yet very typical of today’s internet, to leave such a provocative and promising article title promising a secret sauce of perfect marriage unaddressed for several paragraphs. No doubt this kind of salesmanship provokes an array of feelings across the readership: annoyance, skepticism, anger, curiosity, and even hope. While there is no magic elixir for a perfect marriage because, frankly, a perfect marriage doesn’t exist, there is a neglected practice that the sages, psalmists,... Read more

May 8, 2023

There are disruptors in the world today transforming processes, products, and understanding because of words of exhortation spoken over them by parents, teachers, and mentors. There are also the discouraged who are struggling to find a last measure of hope, in part because of the words of even the well-meaning. In both cases, the impact of words cannot be underestimated. Words have meaning because we give them meaning, and the source and context of our words can serve to magnify... Read more

March 9, 2023

“Are you pregnant?” No doubt, this is the question every 18-year-old newly engaged woman wants to hear! A young, excited bride-to-be with a sound plan and a strong head on her shoulders said yes to the marriage proposal of her longtime boyfriend, a 19-year-old with a particular disinterest in a status quo life and training for a career as a first responder. The two had grown up in their church’s kids ministry and youth group, had great mentors, wisdom beyond... Read more

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