Authored Books

Psychic Witch
Llewellyn Worldwide

Fall 2019


Co-Authored Books

True Black Tarot Companion Guide
Winter 2018


Book Anthology Contributions:

The Witch’s Almanac –  Spring 2019-Spring 2020
Understanding Familiar Spirits For What They Aren’t”
September 2018
[Kindle Format] [Paperback]

The New Aradia: A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance
The Spirit of Rebellion” & “Diana’s Protection”
September 2018

Interview With The Magus
Interview With Mat Auryn by Julian Crane”
September 2018
[EPub/HTML] [Nook E-Book]

Seven Ages of the Goddess
Cybele, The Classical Goddess”
August 2018
[Kindle Format] [Paperback]

Arcane Perfection
Born This Wyrd” & “When I Look At You, I See A Phoenix”
January 2017
[Kindle Format] [Paperback]

pagedividerMagazine & Periodical Publications

Horns Magazine [NSFW]
Article: “The Krampus”

Halloween 2017: One Year Anniversary Issue

Magick Magazine
Article: “Ethical Considerations for Psychic Readings”
July 2017


 Places I’ve Been Interviewed

Down At The Crossroads
Special Guest Mat Auryn” – Interview by Chris Orapello & Tara Maguire
October 11, 2017

Raise The Horns Podcast – Witch School Radio
Special Guest Mat Auryn” – Interview by Jason Mankey
September 28, 2017

The Wild Hunt – Modern Pagan News & Commentary
Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity sparks debate” – Interview by Renu Aldrich
September 5, 2017

Disinfo – Everything You Know is Wrong
Interview With The Magus” – Interview by Julian Crane
August 25, 2017

The Wild Hunt – Modern Pagan News & Commentary
Pagans find camaraderie at New Hampshire’s TempleFest 2017” – Interview by Cara Shulz
August 23, 2017

The Wild Hunt – Modern Pagan News & Commentary
Coping With Community” – Interview by Crystal Blanton
May 19, 2017

Magical Experiments
“Magical Activism Pt. 4” – Interview by Taylor Ellwood
May 1, 2017

Just Julie Radio Show
“Exploring the Witch’s Path” – Interview by Julie Randazzo
April 6, 2017

The Wild Hunt – Modern Pagan News & Commentary
Divination on the Download” – Interview by Tim Titus
August 6, 2016

The Dreaming Bat
Witchcraft & The Tarot” – Interview by Desmond Stern
January 20, 2016

Just Julie Radio Show
“The Winter Solstice & Witchcraft” – Interview by Julie Randazzo
December 18, 2015