September 19, 2023

God’s Pronouns “Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” –Exodus 3:14   I have a frenemy whom I love for many reasons. He’s respectful, very intelligent and courteous. Yet, there’s a method to his madness which infuriates me, at times. When we broach the subject of money management, civil rights and family things can get tense. When organized religion or spirituality in general enters the conversation, it’s hurricane meets inferno. This... Read more

September 11, 2023

This Thing Called Magic “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.”—Buddha   My mind is never still. I mean, never. This started when I was very young and continues until now. All day long stuff is racing through my head. I’ll see something or catch a phrase in a tv show or at an open mic. Or I’ll latch onto something printed on the back of a cereal box. Or…the list goes on… a song, a smell, some passerby... Read more

September 2, 2023

“…if you had faith even as small as a tiny mustard seed you could say to this mounain, ‘Move!’ and it would go far away.” -Matthew 17:20*   I love the wonderful world of Disney. And I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. The made-for-tv shows and big-screen productions that come out of this dynamic entertainment company have positively impacted the lives of millions upon millions of people. The quality of the merchandise they send out is always top... Read more

August 25, 2023

  “You certainly will not die.”—Genesis 3:4I know, I know. The title questions is almost laughable to most who have read or been taught the story of the fall of man as detailed in the Bible book of Genesis. For sure, true believers may gasp and unveil an indignant frown at the preposterous question. But, humbly, I request—please don’t come bearing torches, knives and pitchforks to drag me to the burning stake. Not just yet. It may be easier to... Read more

August 12, 2023

“In all his haughtiness, the wicked man makes no investigation. All his thoughts are: ‘There is no God.’”- Psalms 10: 4*It’s easy to understand why the absence of a God or gods is an alluring concept to many people. For, a non-existent god is the easy answer to why scores upon scores of prayers appear to go unanswered. Then there’s the fact that terrible things happen to “good” and “evil” people alike. But the point seems particularly rational as it... Read more

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