A Letter to the American Church

A Letter to the American Church September 8, 2020

To the American Church (that I love),

You taught me to be a person of integrity.
Then you condoned the man who paid hush money to a porn star.

You taught me that the Kingdom of God is bigger than the USA.
Then you chanted “American First”.

You taught me to be accountable for my actions.
Then you turned a blind eye to as the president refused to take responsibility for absolutely anything that happened on his watch.

You told me that character counts.
Then you cheered a man who mocks the disabled, belittles veterans, and requires his staff to sign non-disclosure agreements so they can’t tell the world who he really is behind closed doors.

You taught me to trust in God, but now you trust in Trump.

You cheer him because he tells you want you want to hear.

He told you that Hillary would go to prison.

He told you that Mexico would pay for the wall.

He told you that he would end abortion in this country.

And he told you that the virus was a hoax that would disappear by April.

None of these things actually happened, of course, but he was loud and confident and made you feel better at a time when you were afraid that your way of life was slipping away.

He told you that he loves the flag.

He promised to defend a God who has never once needed defending.

And he told you that America can go back to the good old days when life seemed simpler and “those liberals” knew their place.

So you sold your soul for a little patriotism and some phony promises.

Friend, I’ll love you no matter who you vote for. But as Jesus calls us to the narrow way of humility and love, Donald Trump is leading you down the road of hubris and nationalism that can only lead to destruction. We all know this won’t end well. We absolutely know it.

Trump gaslights while America burns.

I’m begging you, Church, to repent. Please. Come back to the way of Jesus before it’s too late.

About Jason Elam
Jason Elam is Brandi’s grateful husband, proud dad of 4 awesome kids, a former professional wrestler and radio broadcaster, and former local church pastor for over 20 years. He is the author of the forthcoming book, “From Ashes We Rise” and hosts The Messy Spirituality Podcast. You can connect with Jason on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon You can read more about the author here.

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  1. I am not progressive, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, but closest to the latter. Well said. Too bad I had to disqualify a bunch of adjectives to give compliment.

  2. Why is church so boring? It should learn to deal with the fact that fewer people every year want to be bothered.

  3. why do we feel that we must hold up an individual as ‘Holy One’ to lead us to the promised land when ‘America’ is and will not ever be a christian nation,not biblical!

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