Sunday Sermon: “Are You Ready to Get Unstuck?”

Sunday Sermon: “Are You Ready to Get Unstuck?” March 19, 2023

I got so much great feedback about the Sunday Sermon two weeks ago that I decided to turn it into a series. This message is part two.
Sometimes, the way out of our rut is simpler than we think.
What is your next, best step to breaking free?
If you’d prefer to listen to audio only, please check out the podcast version.

Recommended Reading:

Jesus’ Alternative Plan by Richard Rohr

Returning to Eden by Heather Hamilton

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The Wisdom of Hobbits by Matthew J. Distefano

Parenting Deconstructed Compiled by Jason and Brandi Elam

About Jason Elam
Jason Elam is a former pastor, radio broadcaster, and professional wrestler. Today, Jason is Brandi's grateful husband and Alex, Britain, Emily, and Jaxon's proud dad. He is also a writer, podcaster, and speaker. Recently, Jason and Brandi compiled the book "Parenting Deconstructed: Navigating Your Spiritual Evolution Without Leaving Your Family Behind". You can read more about the author here.

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