California: Never the Bride

California: Never the Bride June 8, 2016

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I was wrong. In the end, California didn’t matter in the primary election…once again. Not really. First, the AP stole our thunder by declaring that Hillary Clinton had already garnered enough superdelegates to clinch the Democratic nomination on the eve of our primary.

On Tuesday, New Jersey nabbed our spotlight by actually pushing her over the top in the delegate count. Yes, the headlines blared that winning California handily was the cherry on top of Hillary’s nomination victory. But the fact remains that our vote wasn’t even necessary. California could’ve dropped into the ocean and Secretary Clinton still would’ve won,

California bestrides the West Coast like a colossus. What, you say that Alaska is farther west and more than twice as large? But there are practically more moose than voters in Alaska, assuming you can pry that shotgun from Sarah Palin’s hands. And we still bestride the West Coast of the U.S., instead of clinging onto Canada like a hanging chad.

Apparently, the didn't get the memo that California is now solid blue.
Apparently, the didn’t get the memo that California is now solid blue. Image credit.
Voter registration reached a record high before the primary, but it’s too soon to tell how many of them voted on Tuesday, including the still-uncounted absentee ballots. From a purely unscientific, personal perspective, the lines were certainly longer than usual at our precinct, at least for a primary election. That’s the time many voters realized they needed to get their nails done or that they really should clean out the garage. Though of course voter turnout is always higher in a presidential election year.

I suppose Hillary has an even better reason to gripe. Here she is, the first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major party, a truly historic occasion. And her opponent is still hoping he can turn to his side those same superdelegates who declared their support for her to the AP.

Yup, the superdelegates are going to transform this history-making nomination into a rejection of the winner of the popular vote, just because he thinks he has a better chance against a racist clown whom even GOP insiders don’t think has a chance of winning.

Um, I’m having my hangnail removed on July 18th. I guess I won’t be able to make the convention after all. Send my regards.

If the Dems nominated an actual clown, Bozo would win hands down.

What’s more, the Clinton camp wanted to win the nomination with pledged delegates first to put to rest the narrative that the fix was in with the superdelegates. So, the AP finally managed to unite the Clinton and Sanders campaigns in common cause…against them.

Until the the voter turnout is tabulated, we won’t have a good gauge on whether the AP’s scoop affected Tuesday’s primary substantially. (Though FiveThirtyEight thinks otherwise.)

But nonetheless, it seems that California has been left at the primary election altar yet again.

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