5 Reasons Why Heaven (Tourism) Isn’t for Real

5 Reasons Why Heaven (Tourism) Isn’t for Real July 20, 2016

Clouds over Munich--cropped

An Occasion Not to Remember

July 9 was the third anniversary of the day I fell into my coma. We don’t know when I experienced multiple strokes on both sides of my brain, only that I slipped into a coma on that date. But what we do know is it was far from a Miracle of God™ that I emerged six weeks later with no cognitive damage whatsoever. (I’ll go for very, very, very lucky, however.)

For obvious reasons, my loved ones and I don’t consider July 9 a date to cheer. Instead, August 25 is the day we celebrate. That’s Coma Day, the anniversary of my awakening. To mark Coma Day next month, I’m planning to write about the covert cognition I experienced while in my vegetative state. But in “honor” of the six weeks I was nearly most sincerely dead, I thought I would present the series of posts I wrote for the Secular Spectrum about my covert cognition and what it says about near-death experiences.

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