God Help Me…or Not

God Help Me…or Not September 16, 2016

No Prayers--resized

Help me out on this. As someone raised without religion, I’m no expert on the nitty gritty of daily existence for theists. My question is this: When believers offer prayers after a setback, do they really get down on their knees and pray–even when the circumstances aren’t life threatening?

If so, do they actually believe I need God’s help for my shoulder bone to build new bone to  knit the breaks in it back together? Isn’t that what bones have been doing since the first bony fish evolved 420 million years ago?

Will God make my arm heal any faster? Will I wake up one morning and find that my arm has miraculously healed? You would think that I had already used up my miracle allotment. Isn’t there some kid with brain cancer somewhere who could use God’s intervention more?

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I realize that prayer gives people a sense–however false–of control over the uncertainties and perils of life. But do people really think God will take time out of his busy schedule sending hurricanes to punish cities the sin of LGBT rights or helping kickers make field goals? Would it kill him to save a starving baby in Ethiopia instead of speeding the growth of new bone in my shoulder?

I mean, honestly, I’ve got a corset-like sling and a candy bowl’s worth of opioids. Do I really need the further intervention of a supposedly supreme being?

Surely there’s a serial bearer of false witness waiting to feel the wrath of God.

Photo credit : Gage Skidmore.
Photo credit : Gage Skidmore.

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