Pride Goeth Before the Fall…Election

Pride Goeth Before the Fall…Election September 30, 2016


Let’s face it. nobody runs for president because they’re humble. The level of chutzpah required to think you have the right stuff to lead the most powerful nation on earth self-selects for the egotistical.

Though it takes balls (or in Hillary Clinton’s case, audacity) to put yourself forward for the leader of the free world, Donald Trump cranks the ego level up to 11.

Actually, it’s more like 1100. For The Donald, a new phrase is required. Or, rather, a very old one: Hubris.

The Greeks would’ve understood Donald Trump all too well. Indeed, Aristophanes would’ve had a field day with him, perhaps with the Trump character wearing a giant phallus, as per the Greek theatrical custom.

That would undoubtedly please Trump, relieving him of the necessity of bringing up the subject in a debate…again. But a giant dick seems like a pleasingly apt symbol for his general character.

Though Trump is easy to poke fun at, the signature trope of Greek tragedy is perhaps more fitting for him.

Hubris led The Donald to daydream during his debate preparations. I read many articles leading up to the first debate praising the Trump campaign for superior skills in lowering expectations.

Surely Trump couldn’t really have been slacking off as he readied himself for the biggest job interview of his life.

Yes he could…and did.

With his ever-ballooning ego, Trump has convinced himself that he didn’t need to prepare because his brilliance would naturally outshine Crooked Hillary.

After all, being myself had gotten me this far. The people love me for it (not to mention my strongest asset, my temperament). I was able to riff and bully my way through the primary campaign debates. Why should this be any different? What do the experts know, anyway? I know how to win.

Certainly, Trump is showing every sign of having not learning his lesson. He continues to tout unscientific online polls showing that he won the debate, while ignoring the numerous methodologically sound polls indicating that viewers thought Hillary trumped Donald by a large margin.

Furthermore, the town hall format of the next debate doesn’t exactly play to Trump’s strengths. Given that he’s constitutionally incapable of taking responsibility for his mistakes, there seems to be little chance that Trump will straighten up and prepare right.Lion tamer

In order to ready Trump for the second debate, his advisers want to poke their boss with the kind of surgical needles that proved so effective for Hillary Clinton in their first clash.

Good luck with that. Trump is still going after Alicia Machado’s weight gain while she was Miss Universe, to the Clinton camp’s delight. The man whose catch phrase is “you’re fired” compulsively strikes back whenever he’s challenged.

The modern sense of the term hubris describes destructive over confidence–no, the Wikipedia page is not illustrated by a picture of Donald Trump. But for the Greeks, hubris was the stuff of tragedy. A mighty hero is felled by his pride, as he foolishly challenges the gods.

Icarus would’ve had a few lessons for The Donald about approaching a great height without proper preparation. But the true tragedy would be if Trump somehow manage to reach the highest office in the land.

The Lament for Icarus

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