Halloween Election Scarefest

Halloween Election Scarefest October 28, 2016

Scary Halloween scene

For every reassuring article I read, there’s another one with creepy portents, setting my nerves on edge (now they’re reopening the FBI email probe!). I suppose my unease is perfectly in keeping with the Halloween season. Around every corner there’s a new horror waiting to jump out at me.

I know I probably sound like a Pollyanna when it comes to the election, Stephanie of Sunnybrook Farm. But in fact, my emotions have been on a rollercoaster, just like every other liberal.

Hillary is down two points–oh noooooo! She’s only beating Trump handily, instead of overwhelmingly!

Is it too soon to book those tickets to New Zealand?

Hillary has a huge cash advantage and Trump stopped fundraising for the Republicans. Bye-bye down ballot Republicans! Even Trump won’t donate to himself!

The Trumpistas have a covert plan to depress the Clinton vote. (Add that to the threat of Trump supporters intimidating minorities “in certain neighborhoods,” allegedly to prevent voter fraud.)

A twelfth woman accused Trump of sexual harassment (emphasis on her ass). And she was another beauty queen, so he can’t claim that she was too ugly for him to assault. Or that a porn star should expect to be treated that way. (What a fucking asshole!)

With the Hillary slogans on the wall, wingnuts are now threatening refuse to vote on any Supreme Court nominee, even after the election. They want to hold out until a Republican finally wins the White House. They’re even threatening to pass a law that whittles SCOTUS down to six members.

I mean, do we really need a Supreme Court in the first place? We don’t need no stinkin’ checks and balances!

The Dems are still favored to win a Senate majority, so our three branches of government are probably safe…for the time being.

The fact of the matter is, I really and truly believe the Republican Party needs the coming civil war after November 8. But the way things stand, the rightwing loonies have all the passion in the dwindling pup tent of what was once the Grand Old Party.

The best-case scenario is that Trump and his alt-right minions take their ball home and form their own party, leaving the GOP greatly diminished, but more able to draw Hillary Republicans back into the fold.

Succession is probably the only viable path for them to regain a voice in American governance.

Strike that. Prominent House leaders have already announced their starting lineup of Hillary investigations. Since it’s sadly unlikely that the House will flip even in the event of a landslide, the Republican majority will merely be purged of more of its dwindling supply of “moderates.”

And as the plans to obstruct the new president from filling the SCOTUS vacancy shows, the Republicans are laying bare the extent in which our democracy depends on all the players sticking to the rules.

And that is the scariest fright of them all. (I need my Halloween candy. Now!)*


*But at least I have a bit of good news to report, albeit unrelated to the election. Look ma–two hands! I’m typing with both hands because I’m now supposed to wean myself off the sling while at home. Yippeeeee!

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