Nightmare on Election Street

Nightmare on Election Street November 7, 2016

Nightmare with cat's eyes

I didn’t sleep well last night. No, it wasn’t related to tomorrow’s do or die election night. At least not directly.

I awoke with a start about an hour after I had fallen asleep, jolted by a disturbing and creepy science fiction nightmare.

Aliens were attacking the earth with an insidious mental power. They had the ability to bore into the minds of humans and convince them that something was eating through their brains or about to burst from their eyes.

Crazed, people found themselves unable to refrain from injuring or even killing themselves in a desperate attempt to purge imaginary horrors.

I watching, helpless, as even one of my cats appeared to succumb to the implanted, extraterrestrial hysteria. “No, Squirmy! Don’t!” I pleaded with her as I watched her eyes bulge, seemingly about to burst. I knew she was within seconds of clawing her own eyes out.

Don’t ask me why the aliens were bothering to attack cats, too. Maybe they correctly surmised that cats are the ultimate rulers of their supposed “owners.”

Unable to wipe the images from my brain, for a long time after I awoke, I couldn’t fall back asleep.

I’m not a believer in Freudian dream analysis. Sometimes an alien is just an alien. But our anxieties do indeed filter into our dreams. And I have been living in a continual state of anxiety in the home stretch of the 2016 campaign.

Will enough of the American public fall victim to implanted, illusory fears about alleged hordes of undocumented rapists and murders pouring across our borders? Of lies about skyrocketing crime rates?

And is it too late for Hillary Clinton to regain some of her lost lead after James Comey announced on Sunday that–surprise!–the new cache of emails didn’t change his initial decision that no reasonable prosecutor would say there was a case against her. Indeed, the emails were either personal or duplicates of those the FBI had already examined.

The Clinton campaign had already shown signs of slowly regaining strength again, even before the announcement. But will the false stories leaked by Trumpista FBI agents, who felt emboldened by the late-inning congressional letter from their boss, continue to burrow into the heads of people who didn’t hear the much less publicized retractions?

What if there really is a systemic underestimate of the Trump vote? Or, or, or…? I can’t stand it–I want to claw my own eyes out!

No, Stephanie! Don’t!*

Creepy image
Photo credit: Derrick Tyson.

*If you’re feeling as nervous as I am, join me as I attempt to live tweet election night while biting my fingernails: Election: Tenterhooks Tweeting Tonight.

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