Celebrating Coma Day: 5 Explorations of Covert Awareness

Celebrating Coma Day: 5 Explorations of Covert Awareness August 25, 2017

Fully Conscious…Except in the Morning

Celebrating Coma Day -- the anniversary of my awakening -- by exploring my journey and the researchers who allow the covertly aware to speak for themselves.

In honor of the fourth anniversary of my awakening on August 25, 2013 — which my boyfriend has dubbed Coma Day — I’ve gathered together a series of posts written in honor of my third rebirthday.

But the following posts are about far more than Coma Day and my own remarkable – but not miraculous! — recovery. Introduced with nuggets of new information, these explorations delve into the science of covert awareness, also known as covert cognition, the researchers advancing the frontiers of consciousness disorders, and the innovative techniques they’ve developed to probe the gray zone of consciousness.

Most important, however, are the coverly aware patients themselves, their still-active minds trapped in inactivated bodies, awaiting their chance to speak.

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