About Miracle Girl

Miracle Girl is a soufflé of skepticism, science, and politics, served with a generous portion of satire and spiced with all manners of geekery. And it all began with a Miracle of God™.

You wouldn’t think God would save the life of someone the Washington Post later called, “Funny, profane and adamantly atheistic.” Stephanie Savage’s attitude is naturally born of a childhood free of religion. Indeed, her first published work appeared in American Atheist Magazine.

Yet, the birth of Miracle Girl truly began when Stephanie emerged from a series of strokes and a six-week coma to proclamations of a miracle. Since then, she has refocused her career from satirical fiction to secularist nonfiction, publishing an article in Skeptical Inquirer and multiple essays in Free Inquiry. If God saved her for a reason, he certainly does work in mysterious ways.