Commercial Value: Muslims in Public Service Announcements

Commercial Value: Muslims in Public Service Announcements November 5, 2007

Here are some pretty awesome public service announcements. They’re in English, and I’m assuming for a western (possibly U.S.?) audience. Although I don’t know who made them, and I doubt that they’re actually shown on TV, I like the messages they’re sending. There’s the overt “Muslims are people, and we’re nice, too!” message, but there’s also the positive message that anyone can be Muslim. Especially when it comes to the women in the commercials.

Women of varying ages and ethnicities are included in this film. There are also several women with and without hejab, and those who wear hejab are wearing it in different styles. The message that Muslim women are all different individuals is one I think should be heard more often!

Here are the commercials. The first one highlights the plurality of a Muslim’s identity:

The second one is for “Different cultures, one belief”:

The third one is “Your neighbor, your friend”:

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