hi my name is fatima.

hi my name is fatima. July 15, 2008

before last week’s post about the most recent incident of domestic violence in atlanta, i completely forgot to introduce myself as a new contributor to mmw.

when i found out that mmw was looking for new contributors, i jumped at the opportunity. i frequented the site often before i started writing, and some of the things that were posted on here were often topics of discussion with my sister or my friends. having been raised in a strict pakistani muslim household in suburban wisconsin was definitely an interesting experience. i’m sure this isn’t news to many of you, but suburbia isn’t exactly the most accepting place for young muslim women of color. still, being around mostly white, rich, non-muslim people was definitely a good way to build up a strong sense of self.

after moving to chicago, i embraced my identity as an angry person and activist and immersed myself in the feminist community at my undergrad. i believe that the change that our world needs is definitely not going to happen unless us “little” people make it happen and thus community organizing has a special place in my heart. now im getting my masters in social work at a pretentious school in chicago that i would rather not name because it really is THAT pretentious. i’m really interested in the issues revolving around the lives of queer muslims, survivors of violence, immigrants, women of color, and working class folks. but really, i believe that all of our experiences are connected, and that understanding this reality will be the basis of the revolution that will make this world a place that we can thrive in.

i think the people that are going to be reading this blog must be pretty freaking sweet and i would love to meet you as well. if you feel so inclined, tell me a little about yourself in the comments and maybe what kinds of things you would like to see me write about.

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