Random WTF – Financial Times Edition

Random WTF – Financial Times Edition April 8, 2009

Last Friday, the Financial Times covered the “richest race meeting in the world”, the 2009 Dubai World Cup. What do you think might best illustrate a story about horse racing in Dubai?


Two Arab women in abayas contrasted with a white girl in a short dress. Of course!

This is really just a preview of what’s to come, because the Financial Times’ Robin Oakley can’t seem to get enough of those abaya-wearin’ ladies: when describing the atmosphere, s/he states: “Women in black abayas, some wearing veils that cover all but their eyes, dish out family picnics of curry and flatbread.”

How terribly relevant to horse racing! Thanks, Robin.

Muslimah Media Watch thanks ‘Aqoul for the tip.

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