Khuda Hafiz

Khuda Hafiz July 19, 2009

Salaams readers!

Goodbyes are rarely easy and I’m horrible at them. So this goodbye won’t be very well done.

I have recently decided to leave MMW. At this point my PhD work hangs over my head and is feeling quite neglected. However, my time with MMW has been amazing, loads of fun, and very educational. Not to mention how grateful I am for the friends I’ve made as a result of MMW.

Thanks Fatemeh for the wonderful opportunity to write for you and thanks for putting up with me, my tardiness, and my opinions 🙂 (and for having my back). And thanks for doing such an AMAZING job at MMW. You are a superstar!!

And thanks to our readers! Especially those who sent personal messages for me. The support is much appreciated and needed with such political and controversial writing.

I’m sure you’ll see me here every once in a while. I’m too opinionated to keep totally quiet.

Thanks again everyone!

Khuda Hafiz


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