Friday Links

Friday Links April 25, 2015

Warner Bros. Studios officials allegedly told two Muslim women wearing headscarves they could not sit in the front row of ‘The Real’ because they should not be seen on camera.

Unveiled is a play that focuses on the struggles of five Muslim women learning to live in the post 9/11 world. It will be presented in Suisun City, California.


Have you heard about the Halal Shops opening here and there? Now there is one which will open in Mecca, and the goal is to challenge stereotypes about Muslim women.


Last week, we talked about a Muslim couple harassed in a Sydney train. This week, the couple speaks out, saying they will identify the harasser, and press charges against her.


Discrimination against Muslim women in the workplace means they are much more likely to be unemployed than white Christian, research shows.


Protesting the violation of their religious rights, the Muslim community of Wisutsri Yungpongsapat, southern Thailand, have decried barring Muslim students from wearing hijab in school.


Debate in Egypt has been raging last week over journalist Cherif Choubachy’s call for women to take their hijab off in a protest at Tahrir Square in the first week of May.


Meet Maryam, India’s Malala: She won a contest by answering all the questions asked in the Bhagwad Gita. This is the first time in India’s history that a Muslim girl has broken such a record.

Moroccan singer Najat Aatabou expresses her desire to make a new choice and please God. On a TV show this week, Aatabou says she will wear Niqab after Hajj, because it’s her own personal choice.


Hamilton educators in Ontario Canada want Muslim girls to get off of the sidelines and onto the sports field, by launching a campaign to raise funds for the purchase of sports hijabs for Muslim girls.

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