How to Change the World: Two Simple Ways to Impact the World Starting Right Now

How to Change the World: Two Simple Ways to Impact the World Starting Right Now October 4, 2022

How do you change the world? How do you impact the world around you in a positive way?

We all want to make the world a better place, but it can feel overwhelming deciding where to start. With all the options we have today, where can you start making an impact today – right where you are?

It’s an age-old question that’s probably more relevant now than in any other time in recent history. Between political unrest, rising costs, religious and cultural tension, and social media keyboard warriors, we’re experiencing more friction now than we have in several generations.

The good news is, you can change that. It takes people like you to step up and take action, and in this article, we’re going to talk about two ways to do just that.

Before we do, though, it’s important to acknowledge something:

The world may not agree on much, but we can all agree that things need to change. Not everything, but a growing list of important things. The good news is, bringing positive change to the world is very simple to accomplish. The tough news is, it’s simple, it’s just not easy.

Here are the steps to changing the world…

Step #1 to Changing the World: Never tear down what you don’t like

The truth we like to avoid is that the issues we see in the world around us didn’t pop up overnight. They’ve been there all along beneath the surface.

But circumstances have a way of forcing ugly things to light that were down deep all along in our nature. As usual, the world typically goes to work addressing the symptoms. Then, after a while, we wonder why we’re frustrated and hopeless when we don’t get the results we want.

But the key to changing the world is to stop that line of thinking in its tracks.

Don’t get me wrong, addressing symptoms and making quick fixes to things we want to change is essential. But we’ll never learn how to change the world until things fundamentally shift in the human heart.

To make that happen, we have to approach people the same way we approach remodeling a house.

If you want to remodel a house, does it make sense to start by jabbing a screwdriver through the walls?

If your goal is to build up a house into a beautiful and reliable structure that everyone can feel good about living in, but you dislike the wallpaper on one of the walls, does it make sense to tear down the entire wall?

Not only is that ineffective, but it just creates more work in the long run.

Just because you don’t like what you currently see in the house doesn’t mean you should tear it up. In fact, the opposite is true. The best way to create something valuable is to build up what you have, not devalue what you dislike.

Honestly, sometimes things do need to be removed entirely. Sometimes there’s a need for a complete removal of one aspect of a house. Sometimes a wall has to come down.

In those times, if it’s not a load-bearing wall, then we can knock it down completely with a sledge hammer, clean up the aftermath, then move forward. But those are few and far between.

More often than not, building up what’s currently there is more effective, efficient, and safer than tearing down and starting over.

That leads us to the second step…

Step #2 to Changing the World: Start building up what you want to see more of

Imagine that you’re building new and improved sections onto your house. As you’re building the add-ons, imagine if every time you walked through the old sections of the house you hit the walls and floors with a hammer just because you don’t like them.

Is the house better off for the damage you’ve inflicted? Were your blows effective in building up the house as a whole? Of course not. So why do we do that to each other?

Why do we continue to point out what we don’t like about each other, what we don’t like about the government, and what we don’t like about society as a whole? That has never been an effective way to change the world, and it won’t be in the future.

People change the world when they’re able to look past what they don’t like in order to build up the positive change they want to see. They put aside their opinions and emotions. Then they tactfully and wisely say what needs to be said – but only when it needed to be said, how it needed to be said, and to whom it needed to be said.

Because at the end of the day, it’s pretty simple:

To change the world, you have to build up what you don’t like, even when the easier thing would be to tear it apart.

Otherwise you just make the whole house uglier and less stable to the point where the whole thing could collapse.

You have to invest in what you want to see change, as much as you don’t like it and as counter-intuitive as it feels. 

Because the only way to change the world is to change the human heart. And the only way to change the human heart – and the hearts of an entire generation – is to build up and not destroy.

Opinions are easy. Like the old saying goes: “Opinions are like armpits – everyone has them and they all stink”.

Love, on the other hand, is difficult. Building up what you don’t like is difficult. And changing the world is difficult. But it’s the only way to build a house.

Because no one has ever built anything by poking holes in stuff.

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