100 Days of Hell

100 Days of Hell January 15, 2024

It’s been just over 100 days since the hounds of hell descended upon the land of Israel, thirsty for Jewish blood and any living creature in their path.  Brutally murdering, raping, and desecrating bodies of men, women, children, teens, beheading babies, killing elderly, and even helpless handicapped civilians.

It’s been just over 100 days that over 120 Jewish hostages remain in the most inhumane conditions possible in Gaza, including 19-year-old Karina Ariev, 19-year-old Daniela Gilboa, and 18-year-old Liri Albag.  A video release by Hamas shows the young women shortly after their abduction – their faces bloodied, and their expression frozen in shock, agony and fear.  It’s difficult to fathom what these girls have been through and what they are going through at this moment.

The fate of these people – including the Bibas family Yarden, 34, his wife Shiri, 32, and their two boys Ariel – age 4, and Kfir, then 9 months old remains unknown.

It has been just over 100 days that the families of these hostages and the approximate 1200 victims of this massacre are still being mourned.

As a mom and a human being, it’s hard to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning without thinking of these young women, their families, and all of the other hostages being held in Gaza.

What makes this all the more difficult to digest is the blatant antisemitism and victim blaming that Israel, and Jewish people are facing from people in what seemed to be civilized societies.  The hypocrisy that Israel is being brought to trial on charges of genocide at The Hague by none other than South Africa, hardly the champion of human rights.

It’s almost as if one cannot make up this story.  It’s difficult to fathom that there are individuals with somewhat of a brain, that will defend the demonic forces of Hamas and deny their heinous acts of terror.

I have encountered these seemingly educated people, who’s denial of Hamas atrocities is equal to the denial of the Holocaust.

I have also encountered the piercing silence of those who refuse to speak out against the evil of Hamas and all of their supporters.

It’s almost as if devil worship is de rigueur – and there’s no outcry.

It has been over 100 days that these hostages were stolen from the safety of their homes, and every minute is critical to their survival.


These four young Israeli women are still being held hostage in Gaza

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