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Editor's Picks


The Spirituality of Storm Chasing: Faith Matters (Part Six)

There was something about watching the storm that filled me with reverence. Was I in the presence of something holy?


The Future of Faith: Judaism

Our writers discuss Jewish heritage and the fading of Holocaust trauma, the internal conflict generated by the State of Israel, the surprising growth of Orthodox Judaism, and the hope of a revitalized Judaism that unites with Americans of all faiths in their search for social justice.

Writing from the Edge

Five Brilliant Things About Judaism (That We Sometimes Forget)

Our 21st century ‘communal theology,’ as acted out in the public sphere, has become one of victimhood and defensiveness. Jewish history provides an explanation for why that has happened. But it’s a poor substitute for a brilliant, galvanizing and inspiring religious vision.

The Politics of Hope

The German Church and the Palestinian Call: A Church Challenged, Part 1

I am spending two weeks in Germany, speaking in 10 German cities at the invitation of local church-linked and human rights groups about the struggle for justice for Palestine. Here's my first report.

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Sacred Bodies of Water