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Writing from the Edge

Maccabees, Miracles and Grandpa Boris: The battle for the soul of Hanukkah in 2015

[The Jewish festival of Hunukkah lasts for eight days. The first candle this year is lit on Sunday 6 December.]  So it’s Hanukkah and what’s not to like? Donuts, Latkes, chocolate coins, dreidel games and coloured candles burning in the Hanukkiah. Plus, an action packed story of how a band of Jewish warriors defeated a [Read More...]

The Politics of Hope

The German Church and the Palestinian Call: A Church Challenged, Part 1

I am spending two weeks in Germany, speaking in 10 German cities at the invitation of local church-linked and human rights groups about the struggle for justice for Palestine. Here's my first report.


Pope Francis, a Rabbi, Mercy, and Rosh Hashanah

I am a grateful Jew who simply wants to thank Pope Francis for reminding me about the power of mercy, at just the right time in my own ritual calendar.

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Sacred Bodies of Water