G-d Where Is the Proof?

G-d Where Is the Proof? June 18, 2024

G-d Where Is the Proof? Created By Rebecca Keene with Image Creator
G-d Where Is the Proof?

G-d, Where is the proof? For years people have believed that Science and Religion are at odds. Non-believers often ask, G-d, Where is the proof? Yet, the more I learn about Religion and Science, the more convinced I become that Science is the proof of Religion. The two are not at odds. Rather, one points to the other. Now, a scientist has claimed they have the proof non-believers have been seeking.

G-d Where is the Proof? A Simulated Universe

Melvin Vopson, scientist for the University of Portsmouth, has recently claimed that the universe is a simulation. While Vopson is not the first to claim this, he is the first to claim he has evidence to support the theory. Vopson’s work on the COVID-19 virus led him to discover that there is a correlation between information entropy and genetic mutations. Vopson claims this could be proof we live in a simulation. This is because a universe as large as ours would require built-in data optimization and compression. Vopson claims this is what we see happening in the world around us every day and what he observed in the mutations of the COVID-19 virus.

Before Vopson, the famous Stephen Hawking claimed that the universe was a holograph. Hawking’s colleague, Professor Thomas Hertog explained the theory as:

“It is as if there is a code operating on the entangled qubits that brings about the Universe and this is what we perceive as the flow of time. Crucially, by taking a fuzzier view of the hologram, one ventures farther back in time, toward the interior of the disk. It is like zooming out. Eventually, however, one runs out of bits. This is the origin of time, according to our theory. There can be nothing before the Big Bang, because the past that holographically emerges doesn’t extend further back.”


What Does It Mean For Religion?

In the modern world, many people are turning away from Religion. One of the reasons is that people want proof. Modern people have more access to information, and they believe in Science deeply. Thus, Biblical stories of G-d, angels, and demons seem far-fetched to them. They question the biblical timeline and the cosmology of Genesis.

However, if the universe is a simulation, it must have had a creator, because someone had to write the programming. Thus, Vopson and Science have, perhaps accidentally, given Creationist credibility. If his theory can indeed be proven, as Vospon claims, then we have proof our world was created by something or someone. There is a creator who designed our world.

That means religion wasn’t wrong or at odds with Science, all these many years. In fact, it means Science had yet to catch up to Religion’s knowledge. Religion has always known what Science is still trying to discover. There is a creator! G-d is real!

The Big Questions

Of course, this discovery still doesn’t answer the big questions. Who is G-d? Which god created the universe? Science doesn’t know. Science only knows that one did. What or who created the person or thing that created our universe? Science still doesn’t know. That is why the world still needs Religion.

Science has not caught up yet. Religion still holds the answers to the bigger questions. Science does not know who the creator is, but as a Jewish people, we do know their name.  We have always known, long before Science finally caught up to the idea that a creator existed. We always knew there is only Adonai! However, with discoveries like this happening every day, there is hope that one day Science will catch up. One day the world will know that for all of eternity, there has only been one G-d, Adonai!

About Rebecca Keene
The author, Rebecca Keene, has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Religion. She graduated from the University of Pikeville as Religion Honor Student in 2014. Currently, she is studying for a MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Also, Rebecca is the author of FAITH UNDER THE RAINBOW: RECLAIMING THE TRUTH ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE BIBLE.  In addition, she founded and independently runs the social media community, Reclaiming the Truth.  Therefore, you should visit Rebecca's author page and purchase her books at: Amazon Author Page or: Publication Page Rebecca is currently in her 3rd year of Kabbalah study. She is ordained to perform LGBT weddings and is certified in Hypnotherapy. Rebecca lives in Kentucky with her two adult children. She practices Non-Denominational Judaism. She is passionate about social justice and fiercely advocates for the marginalized in society and religion.  When not with her children or writing, Rebecca enjoys spending time in nature, with G-d, or in a good book.  She also enjoys making and selling art which you can find at Art by Rebecca. Author, Rebecca Keene,  is always happy to hear from readers. You may contact her through the Reclaiming the Truth page on Facebook, or you can email keenerebecca@yahoo.com Rebecca will try to answer all correspondence, but please be patient, as life is busy for us all. You can read more about the author here.

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