In Memory Of Dad: How His Views On Taxes Resonate Today

In Memory Of Dad: How His Views On Taxes Resonate Today March 24, 2024

My Dad Was Right About Taxes


I remember as a child my dad constantly searching for receipts to go to war with the IRS. He was one of the most generous people I’ve encountered, but he knew his money would be wasted when sent to the government.


“Dad, it’s not right to cheat on your taxes,” I said.


“I pay enough son.  You’ll understand when you’re older.”

I do miss my late father and his wisdom. He was correct. The government wastes our hard worked dollars. My dad who passed a few years ago, still gets mail every day from the non-profits he supported.


Jesus Would Not Be Searching For Deductions


There must be a better way. I just find it hard to imagine if Jesus was an American citizen today, he would be looking for loopholes and deductions. Would he be collecting receipts from Walgreens to show the IRS the items were legitimate deductions?


Jesus did believe in paying his fair share of taxes, but I also think he would speak out if he thought the government was not legitimately serving him in good faith. Sorry, I don’t think he would sit idly by knowing tax dollars were going to Planned Parenthood.


But this is where I fall way short of my savior. I’m terrified of speaking out in protest. I’ve read too many articles about the IRS targeting conservative groups. Justice Department settles with conservative groups over IRS scrutiny | Reuters


The U’S, government has failed the American people miserably. I give lots of my money to various causes, and I wouldn’t mind paying taxes if the dollars went directly to help the poor. But rather it goes to wasteful expenditures and special groups who have lobbied our legislators successfully.


Our Leaders No Longer Come From God


I have been researching over the last few weeks what Christian authorities think Jesus would do if he was walking the earth today. There are many references to Romans 13 1:7. This is the crux of the problem as I think most are misinterpreting this passage.


Let’s examine the precise language, here. Romans 13:1-7 NIV – Submission to Governing Authorities – Bible Gateway “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.”


The main problem many scholars are getting tripped up on is that the authorities “have been established by God.”


I find it funny that many Christian think-tanks believe the above passage should be accepted literally. FOUNDATIONS: How Christians Should View Paying Taxes – HillFaith


It’s laughable to believe most Christians think Joe Biden’s legitimacy comes from God. The man has run roughshod over Christian principles. He claims to be a Catholic but will do anything to appease the pro-choice anti-abortion movement Where Joe Biden stands on abortion – Washington Post.


He has also abandoned Christian principles at the border and many of his henchman have opposed the right of Israel to defend itself.


We can’t ignore what Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said about Israel and Netanyahu this past week. Schumer, a self-proclaimed Jewish believer questioned Israel’s military tactics and called for Netanyahu to be replaced with new elections.


The Rise Of Anti-Semitism In The Democrat Party


Christians and Jews alike believe this to be holy land. There is no way Schumer and Biden are established by God. The Democratic party for years has been rife with antisemites. Democrats’ Anti-Semitism Problem Must Be Addressed | National Review


And don’t even get me started on how the Christian far right has justified supporting Donald Trump with his litany of transgressions against others. He is not a good Christian or person, but he is no longer in power. So, let’s deal with the current situation.


Biden wants the IRS to persist in going through the accounts of high earners. IRS Will Target ‘High-Income’ Tax Evaders with New Funding, Contrary to Social Media Posts –


However, this right does not come from God but from his ability to capture a majority of electoral votes against a very loathed individual.


Jesus Has The Answer


So, would Jesus pay taxes today? For the best answer, I consulted one of my favorite authorities on the subject, Reverand Billy Graham.


He says that not only is it wrong to cheat on your taxes but argues that Mathew 22:21 provides support to pay your taxes to the government, even if they are “less than perfect.” Is it always wrong to cheat on taxes? (


Jeus would pay his share to our “less than perfect” government.  He would want to take care of the poor and the sick. But he also wouldn’t let the same government led by a party rife with antisemitism think it is governing from God.


I want to help clothe and feed the poor too. But though I’m beginning to speak out, I ‘m terrified.  For I know the tax man may come for me.

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