Unfortunately, American Jews May Need A New Home

Unfortunately, American Jews May Need A New Home May 18, 2024

I understand their pain.  As a Jewish New Yorker, my Facebook feed could be a little misleading.  While I was scrolling my friends’ posts yesterday, I wondered how my feed might look if I had grown up in a small town in Mississippi.  Would my experiences and those of my friends look different?


I see the same friends I grew up with posting daily about the dangers of antisemitism in our country.  I do understand their pain.  Furthermore, I am saddened they feel the need to keep posting about it.


I love their passion, but it’s almost cool to hate Jews now.  Their posts are not going to change anyone’s mind.


I believe this now more than ever.  I’ve been seeing an increasing percentage of Jews and Christians posting lately about how since they are humans, they can’t sit idly by while Israel commits Genocide.


Jewish friends and Christians who believe in the sanctity of the holy land, I’m here to tell you we are losing the fight.  I too had a recent antisemitic incident regarding my latest post last weekend.


In the article Jews Should Never Vote For The Left | Evan Wechman (patheos.com), I explained how Israel needed America’s support and was the victim in this case.  It seems like everybody wants to bury the facts about October 7th.


To my surprise, a reader who refused to identify himself by his name commented on my article. He disagreed with it and thought America and Biden were helping Israel too much.  Nothing too hateful yet.  But then he said that Israel shouldn’t be committing genocide when they were upset about what Germany did to them.  Yes, he was equating Israel’s right to defend themselves with the Holocaust.


I was furious and immediately started writing back, but then I stopped.  Thank God I did.  Because nothing productive could have transpired.  This reader was far gone, and I couldn’t change his mind, no matter how hard I tried.  I did the most moral thing possible which was to delete the comments and ban him from posting again.


This latest problem has resulted in some questions for me.  One might say I’ve lost my purpose.  Do my weekly articles do anything?


I started writing articles defending Jews and Israel because of the disgusting hate that has overtaken the once great nation of America.  But it seems like most of America has made up its mind. They hate us. And possibly, it’s time to move on.


I want my Jewish friends to know that though my savior maybe different, I see them, and I hear them. It’s painful to be Jewish these days.  There’s too much hate, and people aren’t remaining quiet anymore.  The enemy is acting out every chance they get.  The hate crimes against us are growing every day, and maybe we have completely misjudged this country.


I have nowhere else to go.  I was born here, and I don’t even own a passport (though one has been ordered). Maybe it’s time for us all to leave.


I read a blog the other day. I’m not sure I understand it, but the title jumped out at me. It’s called Why Do They Hate Us? | Ezra M. Tawil | The Blogs (timesofisrael.com) Read it if you wish as I had trouble understanding the author’s point.  But the title is alarming.


I’m left wondering whether we should even be trying to get inside the heads of these Hamas defenders.  Do Jewish psychologists have to understand the whole life of Hitler to know he was deranged.

They hate us and perhaps there is no turning back.


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