How Can You Find an Oasis?

How Can You Find an Oasis? September 2, 2022

Finding Solace in Nature

I am in the desert; my view is almost colorless.

Breathing in the dry air as the warm winds softly awaken my soul.
There is an oasis here, I am familiar with desert surroundings.
My trust in nature has always sustained me.
It has taught me many heart lessons.
Here in this place, an oasis, a place of life-giving greenery greets my view.
Reminding me that a moment of possible exists in the most impossible of places.

An oasis lives within each one of us, like the desert it is not always in sight.
Yet it is the beauty of our hope and self-awareness that we can tap into it.
Enabling us to see the uniqueness of our oasis through the eyes of our soul.
Delightfully creating a moment of joy.“In the quiet of the desert,
My heart hears the music of my oasis calling.
My soul could taste her waters and feel the embrace of her shade.
I know she is there.
May the beauty of your oasis always be seen by your heart view.

From my oasis to yours.


desert landscape. how nature sustains us. deriving joy and hope from nature.

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