“Exploring Spirituality: Awakening Your Inner Self with Love, Faith, and Hope”

“Exploring Spirituality: Awakening Your Inner Self with Love, Faith, and Hope” February 16, 2023

Understanding Spirituality as a Unique Experience

Many people have asked me what spirituality means, often followed by the statement, “I am not spiritual.” The answer to this question is unique for each individual, as spirituality is experienced differently by every soul. Furthermore, one’s understanding of spirituality can change at any given moment, depending on the situation.

Awaken Your Spirit with Love, Faith, and Hope

For me, I believe that each of us has a distinctive and beautiful spirit, which makes us all spiritual beings. As a spiritual counselor, my primary goal is to help awaken my clients’ spirits, which can lead to a wide range of emotions and a deeper connection to their inner selves.

In one of my workshops, I asked participants to describe spirituality in one word and share any physical sensations they experienced. The answers were varied, but three themes were common: faith, love, and hope. Many participants also reported physical responses such as smiling, slower breathing, and a relaxation of the shoulders, showing the powerful connection between the body and spirit; the two working together in beautiful concert.

By focusing on moments of love, faith, and hope, we can tap into our own spirituality and experience a glowing light within us. Remember that each person’s journey is unique, so embrace your individuality and explore what spirituality means to you.

Woman finding a spiritual Moment in the Ocean
Photo By Susan P.Lax


Be gentle in your movements.

Cradle your tears with tender kindness.

Listen with a conscious heart to the soft melodies of good yearning to be heard.

Create your own personal moments of soothing calm.

Bring focus to the uniqueness of your spiritual side.

Today, tend to the part of you that needs taking care of.


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