you were going to look in the mirror

you were going to look in the mirror August 24, 2022

I’ve tested the microphone and this particular thing is doing okay. I’m not really sure about podcasting, so against one of my norms I’m not going live. Some people wear these over the ear. Sometimes they have the courtesy of some sort of lag time, at least some of my friends behind the scenes. They told me I’d have to apply for some type of over the ear like that though.

This is a whole particular slew of Scriptures. Hopefully it’s going to be real quick. I’m going to try to keep an eye on the time. Let’s see, it’s 13:19 or 1:19 PM, 13:19 Sams Club time. I don’t have the privilege of like sitting down and typing out a bunch of notes, not today. I do have some on my phone, but it just brought back some memories from Coddingtown Mall.

I was openly a Giants fan, within an hour of San Francisco, out walking walking some friends of mine; cousin and brother especially. One particular time we ran into some people from Europe.

We ran into some people from Europe and it was Wednesday. They were on their way to a party or whatever, but they were asking what we were doing.

Of course, we were talking about going to Wednesday night church. It was back in those days, really before “political tolerance.” We were openly sharing our faith almost every day.

They were kind of chuckling and said they went to church too. Of course, their accents I couldn’t tell if they were French or Spanish, or Portuguese or Catalan. There’s a fine line between all those, and I almost used to be able to speak a couple of them well.

They were kind of Giants fans, I guess.

I guess we all wound up going to church.

They were the type of people that normally go a couple times a year, may be Christmas or Easter, and those seasons; but it was some good conversation.

A couple days ago at the mall, a similar situation, I ran into a manager with a Giants hat on.

Those of you who don’t know, there is this fine mystery about whether or not San Francisco was named after St. Francis, which I think the whole world wants to think; or Sir Francis Drake who sailed right passed the bay on his way North.

Missed it, maybe he went on up to Alaska crab fishing. I have no idea, hunting kraken or whatever, crazy mess; but he did sail right passed it North. You know, clear the coast enough on a foggy day, you don’t have to worry about bigger fish in the sea. We ran into a lot of sharks out there boogie boarding or whatever when we were younger* …anyway, seals, different things, which used to be the former Pacific Coast League team for the Giants before they came over from New York.

Well, the question is whether or not it’s named after St. Francis or Sir Francis Drake. On the way South along the coast, his people and him discovered the bay. You may not know the lore unless you’ve actually been to the Sir Francis Drake, where some of us have been around here, to a fancy ball or something like that. Forgive me if that’s against the bylaws, but if a man can’t dance with his wife every once in awhile, he’s kind of a sorry man – a formal ball at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel right there on Union Square.

There are trolleys leading off down to Chinatown or different places if you want to meet somebody for coffee, then I don’t know what it’s called (double-dutch?) but excellent places.

The Nike Store, I think it’s the original if I’m not mistaken, is right there kind of catty corner to Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Anyway, there’s a little bit of set up, has nothing to do necessarily with the message…

…but those Giants fans were chuckling and somebody with an on the field Giants cap said, “You were going to look in the mirror.” Some of us were looking at clothes.

That one phrase stuck with me and I came home. I started thinking about:

“You were going to look in the mirror.”

*oft warned by surfers, rangers, vets, divers, boaters, even playful seals, people building a fire by night, etc., do not disturb the waters

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