This Week in Magical Astrology: Nov 4-10, 2019  Hold My Beer, I’m Going In.

This Week in Magical Astrology: Nov 4-10, 2019  Hold My Beer, I’m Going In. November 3, 2019

I know I told everyone that Mercury Retrograde wasn’t the end of the world last week. That is still the case, but this week we are going to get to see more than one fire start as a result of the environment created by this particular retrograde. It being in deep and broody Scorpio is only going to suck up a lot of personal energy, force our focus inward, and direct it into the past. The problem with this is that we are going to be syphoning energy off of other areas in our lives to make this happen, and soon we will start to notice that our once carefully tended and fertile fields have begun drying up. This is just a side-effect of us being pulled inward and could be responsible for enough mishaps on its own, but the planets have a bit more in store for us this week.

To add insult to injury, the square between Mars and Pluto that we have been feeling move into focus for a week or so finally peeks this Tuesday; throwing a match on the dry personal vegetation caused by this Mercury Retrograde. This is something we will certainly notice if not directly then politically and within the greater scheme of society and will likely haunt us a bit over the rest of the week. We can expect a lot of fiery tempers, stubborn rebuttals, and conclusion jumping. It will be easy for us to lose our cool or to speak before we think about what we are saying, and we will be more into indulging ourselves than taking responsibility for putting out the fires. It is a good week to pull back, especially on social media, and to not necessarily feel obligated to toss your opinion into every ring you that presents itself. Anyone with an ounce of passion for the topic will surely want to tell you why you’re wrong.

There is some good that can come from Mars and Pluto duking it out West Side Story style, however. When planets square each other, they create tension as they struggle for dominance over one another. It is more like tug of war than a military campaign, as each side pulls at us and it is that pulling that creates the tension. The tension caused by this particular square is going to bring us opportunities to tap into confidence, pride, and personal strength that might otherwise remain hidden, lost in some recess of our being. Don’t get me wrong, we will have to work for it, but if you spend your time working on YOU rather than on anyone else, it shouldn’t be that hard.

This week is going to bring plenty of challenges, especially when it comes to rubbing someone the wrong way or being rubbed the wrong way. This is going to be even more intense for those of us with heavy Water or Fire placements in our birth charts. Don’t invest your valuable resources on things that don’t actually matter to you directly this week and instead take care of the stuff you have been avoiding. Double down on your daily practice, find alignment multiple times throughout the day, and bring awareness to your breath and emotions.

Work with stones like Aqua Marine, Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Fluorite, Mangano Calcite, Moonstone, Iolite, Dumortierite, and Shungite. Work with herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary, Damiana, Mugwort, Rue, and Eucalyptus. Speak from the Brow Chakra.


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