File this under, “unexplainable”

File this under, “unexplainable” November 17, 2014



I can’t make this up.  These are the 4 finalists for the Folio Awards “Magazine Cover; Lifestyle Category”.




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  • Stephen R. Nelson

    Splendid! I’d vote for yours! Drew is a solid second place!

  • KentonS

    It’s the start of a joke: So… Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Drew Barrymore and Nadia Bolz-Weber all walk into a bar…

  • Neill Morgan
    • SarcasticLutheran

      As a spiritual practice, I do not read my Amazon reviews, but my Daddy read them ALL and sends me his very favorites…including this one! 🙂 Thanks fro the splendid review…you’re a lovely writer.

      • Neill Morgan

        Thanks, that means a lot coming from a writer like you. I hope I get out to Colorado to worship with you and yours in the coming year.

  • What’s sad is that I work as a magazine vendor – in the Bible Belt, so I put out plenty of Jesus-themed magazines – and I didn’t see that one. Shame, `cause it’s the best out of the lot (and I’m not just saying that `cause this is your blog and I’m being polite – it really is the best).

    Hope you win!

    • Amy Lindstedt Kelly

      maybe because this is a more “liberal leaning” Christian magazine?

  • Sarah Kosak Calvert

    What a wonderful way to realize that your work pushes through the cultural barriers that separate so many from Christ and the church. You’ve brought Christ to the ‘body image’ table, and laid down some reality!

  • Wayne Green


  • #humblebrag

  • Charlotte Thaarup


  • Laugh out loud! Very way cool.

  • Amy Sperline

    Unexplainable is a great way to put it . . . and to explain how I feel right now. I am both embarrassed and impressed . . . not sure which is more prevalent. I really cannot imagine that the likes of Drew, Oprah, or Taylor could ever impact a person as you impact those around you . . . I am both alarmed and proud . . . weird. I guess it’s the mystery of God, once again . . lol 🙂