Shrine for the 141 murdered Pakistani Children

Shrine for the 141 murdered Pakistani Children December 22, 2014

Several of my parishioners created this shrine that was up at church tonight, it is for the 141 Pakistani children who were murdered this week. 141 pages from a children’s Bible, bullet holes, and spent shell casings.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

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  • Nadia, this is amazing and incredibly moving – I think that we will do something similar for Holy Innocents. Did people need an option to respond e.g. contacts through the local Muslim community?

  • Gerardo Noriega

    I agree with Paul Kennedy that this is really moving. Would you please consider a shrine for the 43 -1 students from the Teacher’s School at Ayotzinapa, state of Guerrero, that are missing in Mexico since last September? (They are presumed to have been killed by drug lords to whom they supposedly were handed over by local authorities. One body has already been found; that is why I wrote 43 -1.) They are the most recent and representative example of today’s violence and collusion of drug lords and authorities against the civil society in my country.

  • becky nielsen

    After Sandy Hook 2 years ago I couldn’t figure out how to balance remembering, praying for these children and teachers, and still celebrate life with my own grandchildren. On New Year’s day we went to a beautiful concert of healing nearby, where the beginning part focused on the sadness and pain of the previous year. The response was a moving Yoruba song with the words, Earth Hold me, this is hard, Mother Hold Me, this is hard, Help me. It suddenly became clear that I could make prayer flags for those who had died in shootings through the year, and intersperse that prayer. I looked up all the events I could find, and then added the earthquakes, floods, etc. but put the prayer between the separate events. It made it possible to hold all those losses in a place where I could remember, but not maintain a constant consciousness. It is time to add another line of flags, unfortunately. Your memorial is very moving. It is so important to create these shrines to honor lives, to remind ourselves of the work that needs to be done.

  • Gregg

    I think instead of ripping out pages of a children’s Bible and placing them in your shrine, you should have ripped out pages of a children’s Quran for your display. The children slayed that day were Muslims, as were the killers. You wouldn’t erect little crosses for them, would you? Why use a Christian Bible to memorialize them?

  • It’s so sick and evil what happened to those children. Regular people honestly can’t put their heads around this kind of insanity. It just is so stark and so extreme. I hope that the childrens’ families find some peace.