Atheist Dad Adam Carolla: ‘Let’s Make Some Hay While the Sun Shines’

Atheist Dad Adam Carolla: ‘Let’s Make Some Hay While the Sun Shines’ June 2, 2015

Speaking candidly (albeit briefly) about being a secular parent, comedian Adam Carolla told HuffPost Live that atheism seems, to him at least, to be a less narcissistic worldview and suggested that his children will be more motivated to make every second count if they don’t focus on notions of eternal life.

Carolla, author of Daddy, Stop Talking!, was quick to point out that he’s not raising his kids to be atheists.

 You guys do your own thing. I’m not going to turn my non-religion into its own religion.

But then he said that religion, in general, requires a self-centeredness that turns him off and acknowledged that he’d rather his children focus on achieving what they can in the time they have on Earth.

All 6 billion people on the planet going ‘God has a plan for me’… It’s a fairly narcissistic endeavor. For me, I’d rather [my kids] be freed up. Just be an atheist. Hey, here’s the point: You are going to turn to dust in another 75 years. Let’s get going. Let’s make some hay while the sun shines.

Here’s the clip:

I really admire Carolla for stepping up and saying what a whole lot of secular parents are thinking.

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