Back by Popular Demand

Back by Popular Demand March 15, 2016

Natural Wonderers logoHey, remember when I used to have a blog called Natural Wonderers? That was fun. Let’s do it again!

But, first, an apology.

Because of other obligations that have stolen huge swaths of my time of late, I’ve not been devoting much (if any) attention to this blog. And, believe me, I’m sorry about it.

But that’s not the apology I’m talking about.

No, the apology I’m talking about is owed to me, not by me. Because do you know how many times people have written in to inquire about why Natural Wonderers seemed to have fallen into the abyss? How many Internet comments I’ve had to slog through, all of them noting and bemoaning my absence here at the venerable How many phone calls and text messages I’ve been saddle with on a daily basis? How many people who just needed to touch base with me to say, “Hey, Wendy, we miss you.”

The answer, you won’t be surprised to hear, is none. None people.

Jesus, dudes, you could at least pretend to care.

But it’s fine. You’ve been busy, too — other obligations and whatnot. I get it. I’ve over it. Bygones and all that.

Apology accepted.

So now, BACK BY POULAR DEMAND, Natural Wonderers will resume its irregularly scheduled programming beginning Thursday. Throughout the spring and summer, I will be posting twice a week. And I’ve got some good stuff planned for y’all — including Q&As, a guest blog or two, and some ridiculously great advice. So please do check back in once in a while, will you?

It’s really the least you could do.

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