God, That’s Funny!

God, That’s Funny! January 30, 2012

There are few things I enjoy more than hearing stories about the cute and funny things young children say.

I think it’s the combination of their undeveloped vocabularies, eagerness to imitate adults and dead-pan delivery that makes kids of a certain age so damn engrossing. My nephew is about to turn 3 and running at full-throttle in terms of cuteness. Every single thing that kid says or does charms me to one degree or another. I remember when Maxine was 3 — I was always reaching for my notebook to write down things she’d say.

Starting today, I’ll be collecting stories about kids and religion, and I need your help.

If I’d thought of this several years ago, I might have called it “Sh*t My Kid Says about God.” Because remember when that was all the rage? The point is roughly the same.

I’m looking for all your cute, funny, interesting, charming, surprising stories. And, seriously, anything goes. As long as your kid is involved, and it relates to God or religion or the nature of the universe, I’d love to hear it. It could be one line — my daughter once told me: “When the moon is up, God is holding the sun. When the sun is up, God is holding the moon” — or an entire discussion, like the one I related to you in this blog last September. It could even be a picture drawn by your kiddo, or relevant piece of writing. All names are changed.

My only requirements:

• If you include quotes, please be sure they are actual quotes.

• Email me at or message me on Twitter (@WendyRussell), rather than telling your story in a comment.

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