Paris Shooting: Depressing News Gives Way to Depressing Thoughts

Paris Shooting: Depressing News Gives Way to Depressing Thoughts January 7, 2015

If news of the Paris shooting by Muslim extremists didn’t leave you shattered, here’s a little something that might. A story posted recently on the German news website Deutsche Welle features the picture you see below under the following headline and subhead:

IS to turn Syria schools into religious indoctrination centers

Over 670,000 children have been deprived of education after the Islamic State ordered schools to be closed. Schools will be reopened only after the curriculum is Islamicized, with religion replacing standard subjects.



Devastating right? The only thing worst than senseless acts of terrorism is knowing that the terrorists are trying very hard to turn an entire country of children — children who wear Minnie Mouse pajamas and flowered headbands and silly smiles — into more terrorists.

Here’s the bulk of the DW story:

“In December there was a decree of the Islamic State ordering the stoppage of education in areas under its control…This is seriously affecting the schooling of an estimated 670,000 children,” The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) spokesman Christophe Boulierac told the press.

The Islamic State ordered that schools teach only those texts that were “compliant with religious rules,” Boulierac said, adding that teachers in IS-controlled areas of Raqqa, Deir-al-Zor and Aleppo were to undergo training.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says IS intends to eliminate all courses except Islamic religion, as it regards subjects like mathematics, philosophy, and chemistry as “blasphemous.”

Around 4.3 million children in Syria are enrolled in school in these areas, the Syrian Education Ministry said. Of these, at least 2.1 million were out of school or not attending classes regularly.

And if that wasn’t all bad enough, there’s this:

Children were also the target of IS strikes on schools, the UNICEF said. At least 160 pupils died and 343 were wounded in school strikes.

“In addition to lack of school access, attacks on schools, teachers and students are further horrific reminders of the terrible price Syria’s children are paying in a crisis approaching its fifth year,” Hanaa Singer, UNICEF representative in Syria said in a statement.

You know, it’s days like today when I realize how little faith I have in the human race. I mean, I do believe most people are good, decent human beings. But the human race in general? As a unit? No. And not to go all atheisty on you, but the thought of a god-like figure sanctioning human life seems like absolute insanity. I mean, would any sort of reputable god make this beautiful world of ours and then spawn an entire species hell-bent on bringing about their own mass extinction, while also destroying most of the planet? And if so, would that god really be one worth worshipping?

Sometimes I wish I believed in God or Allah. Maybe I could pray really hard for world peace and that would make me feel better about the state of the world — even if, in actuality, nothing changed, ever. But I don’t. So what can I do instead? What can any of us do? Seriously, I’m asking here. Because, dude, that girl in the Minnie Mouse pajamas is breaking my heart.

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