So THIS is Why 13-Year-Old Boys Read the Bible

So THIS is Why 13-Year-Old Boys Read the Bible April 13, 2015

k2-_73285ab8-8cfb-4acd-9a05-ab89fda83a71.v1My friend’s 13-year-old boy has been reading the The Brick Bible by Elbe Spurling (formerly Brendan Powell Smith). The Brick Bible is a collection of Old Testament stories illustrated entirely with LEGOs, and Spurling is a goddamn genius at breaking down the Bible into a  graphic novel of sorts. The whole thing is highly accessible (using more modern language), completely accurate (nothing is exaggerated) and funny as hell (because LEGO people, that’s why.)

My friend is not religious, so this is her son’s first real exposure to Biblical stories, concepts and teachings. (Not a bad way to go for a 13-year-old boy!)

Anyway, this weekend, I was at a baby shower alongside this friend, and she told me that her son had recently, rather out of the blue, used “prostitution” in a sentence. My friend had been a bit taken aback, never having had that particular talk with him.

“Do you know what prostitution is?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Really? What is it?” she asked.

“It’s when you pay a woman and stuff happens,” he said.

“Stuff?” she asked. “Like she washes the dishes for you?”

“No,” he corrected her. “You pay a woman and she has sex with you.”

“Okay,” she said, “so you do know what it is. How did you learn about that?”

“The Bible,” he said. “They tell you everything in there.”



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