About Me

My name is Andrew Likoudis. I am a Fellow of Economic Development at Johns Hopkins University and a student at Towson University studying business administration. I have a great interest in culture, politics, Catholic social teaching, theology, and Church matters more generally. I was raised in a large Catholic family of 11, and the faith was a big part of my upbringing, but in an unfortunate turn of events I fell away in my early teens. I came back around at the age of 18 and dove headfirst into the study and practice of my faith.

I currently attend the Baltimore Basilica, America’s First Cathedral, which has given me an inside look at a microcosm of the larger church. My grandfather and uncle were both writers for Catholic newspapers, and theologians in their own right. This has largely impacted me, and I hope to follow in their footsteps in a certain way. This column will be my first attempt at consistent writing about the faith, and I hope you enjoy it!