CUUPS and a Theology of Service

CUUPS and a Theology of Service June 12, 2015

Haiti2There are those moments in life that are so ingrained in a persons perception of divinity that they become central to their spiritual path.  For me one of these seminal moments came on January 16, 2010.  On my knees under a mango tree I was treating victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  There was the sense that I was doing the work of the divine, fully engaged in compassionate service to humanity.  This was no personal accomplishment but a result of my belief that service is the most direct reflection of divine principles.

The years since have been filled with an overwhelming desire to participate in a community that features service as central to its principles. Webster’s clearly defines my desire as:  “to serve” as “to be of use, to furnish or supply with something needed or desired” and service as “to be of help, use, benefit, contribution to the welfare of others.”

For me personally, service is a vote for compassion, justice and equality for the entire human race.  Finding CUUPS and learning about the UU principles provided an opportunity to participate in an organization that most clearly reflect my understanding of divinity.

In researching my possible membership the 6th UU principle “The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all” cemented my commitment to this spiritual path. My reading about the UU service committee  “founded in May 1940… with the intended purpose of assisting European refugees endangered by Nazis persecution” further established that my spiritual path lay with CUUPS.

Five years ago I had an experience that felt like I had directly crossed paths with divinity, at the time I was so busy in service that I had little time to consider this experience, with reflection however, it has been become clear that it is a theology of service that most fully expresses my desire to make a meaningful difference during my lifetime.

My gratitude resulting from having found a community that embraces full expression of my desire for service is abundant.  With more than 20 years experience in various Pagan traditions I have finally found a spiritual home; a place where the values I embrace are reflected by an entire community.

I am Blessed!

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