Guided Meditation for Yule

Guided Meditation for Yule December 21, 2018

Cauldron. Photo by Orin Zebest. 2007 (cc)


Let us be together in a spirit of shared meditation.
Please settle yourselves into comfortable, relaxed positions in your seats.
Draw in deep, cleansing breaths – in & out, in & out.
Be aware of your breaths, in & out, in & out,
Feel how that circular motion is related to the cycles of life
& the cycles of the earth
& the cycles of the seasons of the year, in & out, in & out.

It is the dark of winter;
it is the time when all nature sleeps & awaits new birth.

It is the long night of Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.
At the solstice, darkness triumphs over all;
& yet, in the darkness lie the seeds of light.

After the solstice, dark & cold begin to give way
& change slowly into light & warmth.
Nature is suspended in the cold & dark,
& all life waits for new birth in the Cauldron of Change.
Within the dark cauldron-womb of winter,
the Dark King is transformed into Infant Light.

Sunchild. Photo by Franco Robazzo. 2012 (cc)

The long night gives birth to the Sunchild.
We watch for the coming of dawn to break through the mantle of night;
we wait for the coming of Spring to break through the mantle of winter.
At the solstice, the Great Mother gives birth to the Divine Child of the Sun,
the bringer of hope & joy, the promise of Summer’s warmth.

The Wheel of the Year turns to bring the light.
We call the sun from the womb of night,
& await the return of the Sunchild.

The stillness of winter requires our attention, our care, our watchfulness.
Much as we long for the return of the sun, we are bound to wait.

Waiting is the watchword of the Winter Solstice.
Seeds & bulbs sleep in the dark ground,
waiting for Spring, waiting to grow.
Babies sleep in the dark womb,
waiting to be born, waiting to become.

Ideas sleep in the mind’s dark recesses,
waiting to germinate, waiting to create.
Everything sleeps in the cold dark, waiting, waiting.
What do we wait for? What is growing in us?
What is waiting to be born in us, from us, through us?

About Melanie Morel-Ensminger
The Reverend Melanie Morel-Ensminger is an 8th-generation New Orleans native. She was ordained a Unitarian Universalist minister in 1993, and has served UU congregations in Tennessee, New Zealand, and New Jersey, before returning home to New Orleans post-Katrina to serve her home congregation 2007-2013. She describes her theology as "Pagan-Christian-Humanism- Buddhism not always in that order." She and her husband Eric, a trumpet player, live permanently and forever in the Crescent City, not far from Lake Pontchartrain, where Marie Laveau once led Voodoo rituals. You can read more about the author here.
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