More Creationist Billboards, Please

More Creationist Billboards, Please December 11, 2014

In a turn of the most delicious irony, Answers in Genesis is launching it’s own billboard campaign to

counter “myths” about the project’s future hiring policies and use of tax dollars.


(Image via Answers in Genesis)

Numerous lines of evidence point to the account of Noah’s Ark being a myth. If you’re interested in finding out why, you can go here and here for starters.

Irony aside, what I like most about these creationist billboards is the fact that members of the Millennial Generation—which already has issues with fundamentalist Christianity—will be seeing them.

In addition to being repulsed by the parochial and outdated morality of biblical Christianity, Millennials take issue with the Religious Right’s underrated view of modern science. And if modern science can tell us anything, it can tell us that a literal account of Noah’s Ark from the Bible is impossible.

Last week I took issue with the billboard campaign of American Atheists, but I wholeheartedly approve of this campaign by Answers in Genesis. I think it’s important for young people to be reminded of the anti-science stance of fundamentalist Christianity.

So keep ’em coming. If I had the money, I’d consider helping fund them myself.



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