Steve Neumann is a writer and philosophile interested in doing for philosophy what science journalists do for science—preparing the arcana of academia into a dish digestible by the public. Below you will find links to his published articles and essays outside of this blog. Check back regularly for updates!




The New York Times, “Free the Philosophical Beast

[NEW] The Washington Post, “An Under-appreciated Way of Teaching Kids to Think Rationally

[NEW] Salon.comHow Franklin Graham Became The Religious Right’s Donald Trump

Salon.comThe Christian Right’s Persecution Complex

Salon.comRush Limbaugh’s Anti-Pope Freakout

The Daily Beast, “Do You Need Jesus for Easter?

Salon.comThe Scientology Paradox of Neil deGrasse Tyson, “Why Joining Forces With Religion Is Best For Non-believers

The Daily Beast, “Can Atheists Have Soulmates?

The Daily Beast, “The Case Against In-Your-Face Atheism, “Atheism’s Civil Rights Delusion,Religion Is A Scapegoat—The Problem Isn’t Islam, “This Is Your Brain On Outrage, “Cut It Out, Atheists!, “The One Thing Neil deGrasse Tyson Got Wrong

STIR Journal, “It May Be Time to Repurpose the Pit Bull

The Good Men Project, “Separating the Artist from Their Offensive Content

The Good Men Project, “How to Get Men to Think Differently About Women

The Good Men Project, “Reducing My Misogyny Footprint

Nerve, “The Ice Bucket Dilemma: To Dump or Be Dumped

PopMatters, “May the Force (of Narrativity) Be With You




[NEW] The Toast, “Taking Pleasure in the Sounds of Words

The Toast, “The Beast of Birdin’

The Boston Globe, “My Cousin the Cop

The Weeklings, “Shawn is My Shepherd

The Airship, “What a Dying Poet Taught Me

The Airship, “What Sartre’s Refusal of the Nobel Prize Can Teach Writers

The Morning News, “Dharma Dog


Other Writing

Friendly Atheist, “On Being an Accommodatheist

The Devil and Philosophy, “We Sold Our Souls for Rock’n’Roll

Philosophy Now, “One Will to Rule Them All, “The Illusion of an Illusion, Review of Free Will by Sam Harris, “The Coalition of Inner Nations, Review of The Ego Trick by Julian Baggini

Scientia Salon, “Virtue Aesthetics


Check back regularly for updates!