New Moon in Capricorn Zodiac Readings- December 2019

New Moon in Capricorn Zodiac Readings- December 2019 December 24, 2019

We’ve come to our last new moon of this year, occurring in the sign of Capricorn on Wednesday the 25th. The Yuletide season has been one of mixed blessings. Can we resolve the paradoxes that live within us to find peace? Not without a bit of work, and that work can be quite unconventional and for some of us, quite difficult.

This time I’ve done something a bit different with the messages. In addition to what is channeled for you to receive is a suggested plant ally for you to get to know and work with during this new moon (for magickal purposes, not consumption). I invite you to research these different plants and get to know them and how they can assist you.

You can read the messages for your sun, moon, and rising sign if you so choose. If you enjoy these readings, please share. You can connect with me on Facebook for other witchy content, as well. In addition to my traditional services, there is currently the option to receive a reading for 2020, which will detail in depth what to expect and how to align with your natural rhythms to secure all the blessings that the new year will bring.

2020 will also herald a new season of teaching with the practical magick lessons, beginning with spiritual cleansing teachings in January, and then working with the energies of the 7 main chakras for healing and personal growth from February to August. An optional curated box of supplies to accompany the lessons is available as well.

New Moon Affirmation: I am true, and I trust myself.


Can you set down your sword for a moment so that your hands can be open to receive? Not everything has to be a fight. Trust in the protection of your spirit allies and open up. Direct your will toward choosing trust, and see how many beautiful results unfold. You jump the gun too often assuming that if the results aren’t immediate, they will never happen at all. Be fine-tuned and fortified with patience. Patience is the ground from which blessings grow. Give up the impulse and the deeply ingrained belief that everything has to happen now. The nature of nature is time, and to receive you cannot be closed in by the stone doors of impatience. Take courage and have faith.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Borage. Borage soothes the negative moods of an impassioned heart and gives comfort and courage. It is ruled by Jupiter.


Your heart is calling with an unnamed yet familiar yearning. Are you ready yet to heed the call? There is no guarantee of ease, no guarantee of security in this, but part of you knows it is necessary. You keep trying to justify and explain this call, this feeling. You keep looking to others to validate the choices you must make. Every time you do so, you miss the point. Do you trust your own innateness to govern yourself? Do you trust that you will not lead yourself astray? Movement with a swell of momentum will occur one way or another. You cannot look to others to steer the direction of your life for you. Prepare to take full charge. You must be the one to decide what the new normal looks like for you. When chaos is around you, you yourself must be the center of order and harmony in your life. Amongst many moving parts an unyielding trust in yourself will serve you best.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Elder, which is ruled by Venus and often worked with for protection, regeneration, and finding inner wisdom.


So many moving parts, so much pressure, so much activity, and no matter how crazy it all feels and no matter how strongly you feel you can’t let it go, you need to set it down to center and seek guidance. Seek clear, undistracted guidance. Doing the impossible is all well and good but making sure you’re pouring your energy into the right impossible thing is essential. If you don’t step back and seek guidance, you may write off the wrong things and take in the wrong things, and you must remember that no outcome is ever guaranteed, so how you prepare is most important. Action from integrity leaves no room regrets. Check your motives, check your sights, check your path, and don’t get sidetracked by any of the dramas around you. Now more than ever you need to stay in your own lane.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Pine. Pine protects and preserves, and is a spiritually cleansing ally. It is ruled by Mars.


The way forward begins with slowing down and making thoughtful choices. There is much you need to let go for the path to be unburdened. You cannot continue to carry it all with you. Conversely, there are somethings you need to take up, such as faith and trust in all that you’ve learned. Begin giving yourself credit and wearing your experiences with pride, knowing that you have the right to take up space in this world, and that there is a place for you. A first step taken in faith is better than no first step taken at all.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Indigo, which is ruled by Saturn and can be worked with in closing the door on the past in order to move forward, and time workings in general.


You could live a little brighter by going a lot deeper. Not everything will just work itself out without effort on your part. You cannot get to know anything valuable with a quick look at the surface. Look, and look again, and look deeper to find the still center amidst all the movement, to find the truth that sits quietly and waits. Dig in to find the real fire. There your answers will be. It is time to graduate from the spiritually childish labels you’re accustomed to putting on experiences and people and things so that you may find the richness underneath it all. Resist the impulse to make hasty judgments and shallow interpretations.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Nettle. Nettle is ruled by Mars and can be worked with to drive out negativity and for cleansing the aura. It is an herb of tribulation but also of healing.


It must become part of your wheelhouse to allow others to do their part without you managing them. The emphasis is now on you doing what you must do with a joyful heart, and tying up your own loose ends, rather than worrying about what others are or are not doing. You can only control your own actions. After you’ve done what you need to do, give yourself permission to let loose. Enjoy the goodness in your life. There’s a lot of pressure in your head from too much thinking and not enough listening. If you feel you have to parent everyone in your life, it is time to re-examine your boundaries the quality of your inner circle, because this way of being in community is imbalanced and not sustainable for you.

Your plant ally his Hollyhock. Hollyhock is ruled by Venus and worked with for abundance, good fortune, and happiness.


You must share what is going on within your heart and mind. Open up to the people in your life. Strengthen your connections through a willingness to be vulnerable, to be seen, to be heard. You sense much but say little. Sometimes that is wise, and sometimes that is miserly. Be there for those you love, and allow them to be there for you. Valuable communications are occurring and need to occur. Be open to hearing what is being said.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Marshmallow. Marshmallow is ruled by Venus, and is often worked with for love spells of all kinds and drawing good spirits to you.


When your higher self is aligned with your mind and heart you activate your power and emanate it with a deep intensity. There is a strong, fecund creativity brewing within you. Do not tone down your intensity because you are too deep for others. Let yourself shine with self-acceptance and strength grounded in integrity. Be loyal to your own nature. Forget being small or different so that others can remain comfortable. True community only occurs when we are seen and accepted as we are. You deserve true community just as much as anyone else.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Sage. Sage is ruled by Jupiter and worked with for purification, wisdom, overcoming grief, and protection.


Honesty will dispel fear, self-sabotage, and all the little troubling offspring the two combined create. Consider your willingness to be transparent with yourself and those you hold most dear, and stop holding back. For someone who has a reputation of telling it like it is, you haven’t been, and what a mess that has made for you. Begin now, and remember that the truth itself is never cruel, but what you dress it in can be, so take care.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Calendula. Calendula is ruled by the sun. It is worked with to create constancy, for love, and for optimism, and to release harmful attachments.


You’re about to take things to a whole new level, and once you do, there’s no turning back. Attention to detail and a solid, well-thought out plan will help you, but this must be coupled with flexibility. You cannot know or control everything, but you can bring the fullness of your integrity to the table, refuse to cut corner or lower your standards, and find the faith to take smart risks. Fate will favor the diligent foundation you have created for yourself.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Clover. Clover is ruled by Mercury and worked with for success, luck, and protection.


Growth that happens in the face of adversity has the most beautiful blooms. You have all that you need to face the challenges in front of you. When you don’t know what to do, dig your roots down deep, be nourished by your foundation, be patient, and hone the talents and skills you have. Keep in your heart the expectation that all will turn out alright and let gratitude permeate every corner of your life. Soon you’ll see that all is well, and your gratitude will have been the grease on the wheels that got you there smoothly.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Wild Rose, which is ruled by Venus and can be worked with for clarity, psychic ability, protection, and love.


There’s a shot of extra energy coming your way if it hasn’t already arrived, and focusing it into your own healing will be the best use of it. You may be tempted to scatter this energy into many directions, but instead ask yourself: what do I need, truly? Let this extra energy be infused with the energy of healing and do the work you’ve been avoiding in yourself. Healing flows through you, it is not something that you conjure within yourself. You are a conduit, and you can conduct this energy to great benefit for yourself. It may seem simple, or it may seem impossible, but it must be attended to before the new year.

Your plant ally for the new moon is Ghost Pipe. Ghost Pipe is ruled by Pluto and soothes pain, so can be worked with magickally for this purpose. It is also worked with to delve into the mysteries.

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