A Ritual for the Summer Solstice

A Ritual for the Summer Solstice June 20, 2023

I created this ritual, divination spread, journal prompts and affirmation for tomorrow’s Summer Solstice, to honor the sun and work a little magic. What I’ve created for you is in the same format as the Moon Rituals Complete Course, which I send out twice a month for the new moon and full moon. For those signed up, they receive everything below twice a month with different themes, plus additional discounts on services.

Whether you use this ritual, the journal prompts, affirmation and divination spread, or do your own thing to honor this special time of year, have a blessed Solstice.

This is a two-part ritual for honoring the sun on the Summer Solstice and inviting this Spirit into a working with you while in its zenith. Here is what you will need:

  • Tea of your choosing (4 for 2 quarts of water, 8 for gallon). If you’re using your own herbal blend, one tea bag is usually the equivalent of 1-4 oz of herb. You can decide how much you want to use. *Choose your tea based on your intentions, what you would like to empower and manifest within yourself and your family).
  • Jar
  • Clean Water
  • Fruit
  • Ribbon

Summer Solstice Ritual

Ten minutes before sunrise be outside if you can, facing the east. Take deep breaths and center yourself in your body. As the sun rises, greet her. Listen to the song “Eastern Sun” by Ayla Nereo, inviting the sun to bless you as you sing the words and meditate upon them. When the song ends, breathe deeply. Stretch your body. Feel the light of this life-giving star bathing you. Revel in the new beginning that is this day, its newness, this blank slate full of possibilities. Spend some time considering what you would like to happen during this day as you enjoy the rising of the sun.

Leave an offering of fresh fruit at the base of a cherished tree in gratitude for all your blessings. Make a wish on behalf of another with the ribbon and tie it to a branch on the tree.

Gather up your tea ingredients and infuse them with your intentions. Ask the herbs to work with you. Make sure to ask the spirit of water for blessing as well, along with your ancestors and any other spirits you’re working with for this ritual. Ask the sun to bless this tea with vitality, health, strength, and whatever other gifts she’d like to add. Add the tea to the container along with the water, close it up tightly, and leave it in the sun for 3-5 hours to infuse. Then refrigerate.

When you’re ready to enjoy the tea, pour a small amount back into the earth to say thank you. Then enjoy your tea with mindfulness, embodying the intentions infused within it.

Summer Solstice Divination Spread

  1. What will be revealed to me when the curtain is lifted from my eyes?
  2. How can I more deeply embody unity with the natural world?
  3. What pretense do I need to release?
  4. What is being reborn within me?
  5. How can I invite more play and fun into my everyday life?
  6. What midsummer message do my spirit friends have for me?


Summer Solstice Affirmation and Journal Prompts

Affirmation: (directly from a Rumi poem): “I am like the sun for grace and mercy”


Journal Prompts:

  1. What does the summer solstice mean to me, and why?
  2. How do I feel about the energy of this day?
  3. What gifts has summer already given me?
  4. How did taking time to honor the sun and work with the elements in the ritual make me feel?
  5. What does it mean to me to be reborn every day?
  6. How does my relationship to the sun affect the way I live my life?


About the Author

Jessica Jascha is a priestess of the Divine Mother, writer, herbalist, psychic. If you enjoy my writing, please consider supporting me by purchasing one of my email tarot readings or joining the Moon Rituals Community.

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