Making Magic with Tea

Making Magic with Tea January 3, 2023

Sometimes the simplest ceremonies are the most magical. If you enjoy working with plant spirits, tea ceremonies may well be a good magical fit for you. You can use store-bought tea or blend your own herbs from your garden. Just make sure that if you’re harvesting your own herbs, you know exactly what it is you are harvesting. The entire experience of making tea is a ritual of connection if you allow it to be so, from gathering your ingredients, to brewing, to drinking.

Take the time to set your intention, and then choose your herbs accordingly. Consider also your own personal constitution. For example, if you’re a person who runs hot and has a short temper, and you tend to be on the dryer side, you’ll benefit more from cooling and moistening herbs such as peach leaf and marshmallow, rather than say, ginger and nettle leaf.

Formulating Your Magical Tea Blend

When you’re making your own blend, you can formulate your tea based on taste, your constitution, and magical intent. Fresh herbs made into tea are often more potent tasting than dried, with the exception of lavender.  One of my favorite blends combines rose petals, lemon balm, rosemary, and earl grey. It’s a very summery combination, uplifting and joyous. Lemon balm and earl grey for happiness and contentment, rose petals for wisdom and beauty, rosemary for retention and protection.

Once your intention is set and you’ve gathered your herbs, put your kettle on and ask the herbs and water to help you manifest your intention as you prepare them for your tea. Focus on being present, and on your desired outcome as the water comes to a boil. When the kettle goes off, pour the water over your tea and allow it to infuse, again focusing on your intention.

Connect with Plant Magic by Drinking Tea

As you drink your tea, be present and mindful. Use all of your senses to connect with the plants you’re ingesting. Get to know them by their smell and flavor. Pay attention to the way they make your body feel. Learn how they interact with you in body and spirit. Thank them for their help.

You can infuse your tea with solar energy or lunar energy, as well, for extra magical oomph. Instead of brewing your tea in the traditional way, you can place the herbs with water in a glass jar and allow them to infuse in the sun for four hours, or overnight under the moonlight. This is a simple and effective way to enjoy plant magic, and to bring about a sense of connection to yourself, and to the world and universe around you.

About the Author

Jessica Jascha is a clinical herbalist, intuitive consultant, and writer in Minnesota. She provides herbal medicine consultations, tarot readings and spiritual mentorship, hosts the Moon Ritual Subscription, and teaches. You can find her at or on Facebook.

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