Guidance for the Week of August 1, 2022

Guidance for the Week of August 1, 2022 August 3, 2022

The guidance for this week from the fae is a bit different. Losgunna asks that we take a moment to embark on a little journey with her:
Imagine it’s a warm summer morning and you’re outside, alone, sinking into a soothing mud bath. The mud is cool on your skin, your mind is quiet. You can hear the babbling brook not far away. Sunlight kisses your face and casts its golden light across the moss and the trees surrounding you. Birds are calling to one another on the gentle breeze. Every worry of the modern world is stripped away, everything you feel you have to be for others has gone to ground. It’s just you. As you sit luxuriating, your true thoughts and feelings begin to rise up.
We like our definitions and our labels, words we use to create a sense of identity within ourselves. Sometimes they prevent us from going deeper in understanding who we are, what we truly want, and why we do what we do. Sometimes they even get in the way of seeing other parts of ourselves, so end up feeling that we are less than we are. When we create a narrative, some aspects of who we are end up being left out. There are treasures to be found under the murky waters, in the places where straight lines don’t go. Let this be a week of reclaiming. You are more than you think you are.
Blog graphic and featured image mine- image from Brian Froud’s Faeries Oracle
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