Atheist Voters – Our Votes Count!

Atheist Voters – Our Votes Count! January 27, 2016


As we continue the long, hard slog through this year’s election cycle, the writers on this blog are going to get more involved in writing about election issues that affect us as atheist voters. For example, some of the issues that directly affect us are things like reproductive health, equality, tax policies, the spread of faith-based initiatives, and so forth. As a good place to start, I would like to make you aware of the Atheist Voter website. Here you can find a ton of resources, including things you can directly ask your local candidates to get insights into what they really believe.

One of the most important things you can do this election cycle is register to vote. After registering, take time to research the candidates you will be voting on, especially those local and state candidates who are often overlooked during a presidential election cycle but who’s activities in office directly impact our lives.

This is a very scary time in American politics and there is a very real chance that this country could elect someone as president who will work hard to roll back 50 years of progress made by women, minorities, the LGBT community, and ethnic, religious minorities. The only way to counteract that possibility is to spread the word and VOTE!

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