Eat a cookie, support abortions (or more from the WTF files…)

Eat a cookie, support abortions (or more from the WTF files…) January 19, 2016

girl scouts

I don’t know if boycotting Girl Scout cookies on the basis of the Girl Scout’s perceived (and fictional) relationship with Planned Parenthood is still a thing for 2016 but I know through at least 2014, there were several Texas anti-abortion groups that were organizing these boycotts. Recently, my attention was drawn (or redrawn) to this issue by the circulation this year of a Facebook meme urging the boycott but as far as I know, these boycotts have never gathered much attention or caused much harm to the Girl Scout organization or any individual girl scouts.

(As far as Facebook memes go, at least one Facebook page was active last year in spreading falsehoods about the Girl Scouts and their cookies. It hasn’t had any new posts since last summer, though.)

Anyway, with this being a contentious election year for which the evangelicals are drawing upon their significant capacity to basically make stuff up in the most hostile and aggressive way possible, it wouldn’t surprise me that this might be the year that things turn ugly. Evangelicals can feel that the culture has irrevocably changed against their agenda and now that their backs are to the wall, they are more angry and hostile than ever, if not outright dangerous. I think back to the 2015 winter holiday season where wishing someone Happy Holidays often resulted in verbal abuse and backlash from the Merry-Christmas-or-else crowd and I wonder how long it will be until that verbal abuse is directed as some poor kid selling cookies.

I’m staying away from the cookies this year due to a personal commitment to cut down on sweets for my own health but I’m going to make certain to spread some kindness every time I encounter the cookie tables and while also keeping an eye out for problems.

If any of my readers hear of any problems with verbal abuse or harassment of Girl Scouts this year, I’d love to hear from you.

(photo credit: Facebook meme)

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