Veterans and the militia “movement”…

Veterans and the militia “movement”… January 29, 2016


In the last few days, there have been significant developments towards ending the militia wildlife refuge theft in Oregon. Several militia members have been arrested and at least one is confirmed killed. A determined handful, minus anything resembling leadership, remain defiant at the refuge at the time of this writing although there has been some whining about how they would leave if they wouldn’t be arrested. However, they apparently don’t believe they can leave without being arrested which is probably true given the amount of costly damage they’ve caused.

Anyway, the goals of these so called “militias” haven’t changed. They still want to steal land that was set aside to preserve natural and cultural resources for all Americans, land which belongs to all of us, and use and destroy it and the resources contained within for their own selfish purposes.

Several of these persons have been identified as veterans which is shameful and embarrassing. If you are a veteran who wants to overthrow a duly elected government and replace that government with your own kangaroo courts and other nonsense, that makes you a domestic enemy who you once swore to fight.

Several of these veterans reportedly pay the bills by getting by on military disability pay from the Department of Veterans Affairs. That pay is paid by the taxpayers through government mechanisms set up specifically to transfer money from taxpayers to the federal government to the VA to pay them their disability. So the same federal government which you oppose and would overthrow if you could is the only reason you are getting paid.

Irony is apparently an abstract concept, along with decency, social awareness, and common sense.

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